Welcome to the future with Play Real eSports!
Play Real eSports is a Gamified esports tournaments platform that holds mobile and blockchain-game tournaments.
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Only few become successful eSports player, the gamified tournament process allows each player to turn their skills into money.
Our platform provides following opportunities to players:
  • Сompete for the Prize Pool
  • Get and own NFTs with properties that directly benefit players and teams
  • Sell, buy and rent out your NFT
  • Get PRES-tokens, that are used in various mechanics (improving NFT, trading, participating in events, access to unique possibilities of the platform)
  • Play the "PRES Game" to gamify the competition process
  • Have a possibility to manage the development of the whole Play Real eSports ecosystem through DAO
Apart from the interaction with the platform as a user, the player will be able to influence the choice of development path they believe is best for the common benefit!
  • Choose games that have eSports prospects and are worth being developed
  • Adjust tournament rules to make them as fair as possible
  • Take part in the development of functionality to improve the usability of the platform
  • Manage the platform, develop it, get bonuses and enjoy the process!
Smart-contracts bring transparency to the tournament process, because when creating the tournament prizes will be “on hold” and will be transferred to the winners automatically. Thus the player always knows the prize exists, that it will reach its destination and will not get lost on its way ;)
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