As one of our goals is to lower the entry barrier to a world of blockchain gaming for traditional gamers, we chose to build Play Real eSports on _________ blockchain. On a technical side _________ is a sharded blockchain with advanced scale capability, a base layer network on top of which all second-layer applications are built. With very low transaction fees and web 2.0 user experience, _________ allows us to attract a much wider audience and build a larger community. As a certified climate-neutral blockchain with an efficient PoS network, _________ provides a solid ground for long-term growth.
We utilize _________ implementation of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards for different kinds of tokens such as utility tokens and collectables. We issued a smart contract that enables our users to mint and trade NFTs that can be used on the Alienesi Platform as utility tokens providing access to a number of various mechanics to their owners. We also provide a user-friendly interface to enable users to interact with the smart contract in a web 2.0 fashion. Supporting the ERC-721 standard also means that our users are not locked up on the Alienesi Platform and can trade in a decentralized manner keeping their private keys to themselves.
Token contracts are responsible for:
  • creating new tokens (minting)
  • ownership
  • transfers
  • emitting events when the state changes
  • keeping track of creators
Tokens are stored on-chain within the smart contracts. Every token has a digital asset (usually a picture) associated with it that is used as a visual representation of the token. To store any data on _________ blockchain it is required to stake _________ coins, thus making this amount unspendable. Considering the filesize of assets the actual assets are stored off-chain on IPFS.
InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol and peer-to-peer network that allows users to use it as decentralized storage.
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