The Play Real eSports - how it works


The platform implements automated functionality of holding tournaments for various games with payouts.
We have developed several types of tournament brackets for games with various winning conditions.
To ensure fairness and maximum benefit for the players and teams, we have introduced ranking systems that affect rewarding and selection of competitors that match the level, i.e. Rating and Leagues.


Players can trade their NFTs with unique properties at the Marketplace, and also rent them out to other players to gain more profits!


A "PRES Game" will be realized at the platform as a map that would display the position of the team in the rating and that would allow to interact with various objects that will be useful. Moreover, players will be able to build and possess their own “clans” that can be developed, and will get different bonuses!


NFTs will have different tiers and properties that will boost final results of the players and teams taking part in the tournaments.
NFT 1-tier with properties +3% to the reward
NFT 2-tier with properties +3% to the reward, +5% to the rating
NFT 3-tier with properties +5% to the reward, +7% to the rating, +1% to the possibility to get unique NFTs with improved properties
*this type of properties are valid for all tournaments
**NFTs can be improved through crossing (will have a chance to improve properties and increase tier)