"PRES Game"

An "PRES Game" will be realized at the platform as a map that would display the position of the team in the rating and that would allow to interact with various objects that will be useful. Moreover, players will be able to build and possess their own “clans” that can be developed, and will get different bonuses!
What the map will look like:
The map is divided into areas (like leagues) – a league is an area of the map:
  • On the map you can choose the course of the movement (the path along which the team goes)
  • Any number of teams can be displayed at a certain point of the map (displaying digital value and your team’ avatar)
  • The map shows the locations of “drop”, “mines”, “enemies” etc.
An example of the "PRES Game" mechanics:
  • Each team has initial rating parameter of 1000 OP.
  • For winning the tournament a team gets a certain rating and can move according to the chosen path for that OP number obtained
  • The map will display the team only after it gets to the 2nd league (reaching 1100 OP)
Last modified 1yr ago